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The Paragraf Tax Advisory Office was founded in 2008 by Slovak and Hungarian accountancy professionals working as tax advisers with the mission to create an advisory centre by the border, where Slovak and Hungarian accountants and tax experts are at our partners’ disposal at the same place, at the same time. Therefore our accountancy office is perfect to conjoin the legal systems of the two countries.
The Paragraf Slovak-Hungarian Accountancy Office is a perfect starting point, a BRIDGE for entrepreneurs if they intend to enter the market of the other country. It plays a similar role to business people of other – sometimes far away – countries seeking to enter the market of whichever of the two countries or both.
In these few years the company of just a couple of people has established itself to be one of the market leader accountancy offices in the region.

Our office today is available:

  • to our more than 250 clients
  • with a professional team of 20 people
  • in exclusive offices and meeting rooms
  • with professional responsibility and a sound financial background
  • with language proficiency in English, German, Slovak, Hungarian
  • maintaining personal contact all the way down

In 2010, after a successful quality audit, we were admitted into the international network of MGI Worldwide. MGI Worldwide is a network of independent audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms.
As a client of a MGI Worldwide member firm, you can benefit from a wide range of international services, including:

  • Immediate access to current financial information on almost every country
  • The ability to explore business opportunities and establish strategic alliances through MGI’s global association
  • Expertise in international business structures
  • Comprehensive details on current business practices, taxation and accounting procedures worldwide

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