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Diana Balaskó

Partner, Chartered Accountant

I have been managing the accountancy of companies registered in Slovakia for 10 years, so I have in-depth knowledge of the Slovak taxation system and related legislation from a practical point of view. My special field of knowledge is Slovak corporate and personal income taxation.

László Szalay

Partner, Economist, Chartered Tax Adviser

I have 10 years of experience in Hungarian accountancy and managing an accountancy office. I am a chartered tax adviser with certified expertise in international and Hungarian tax legislation, specialised in international VAT and corporate income tax matters. 

Márta Hérics

Chartered Chief Accountant – Hungarian unit, social security expert

I owe my professional background to 15 years of diligent and purposeful practice. In the office I coordinate the accounting strategies of Hungarian companies and support the team’s efforts in order to achieve success. My special fields of expertise are Hungarian VAT, corporate tax, personal income tax, employment and social security services.

Mgr. József Kiss

Chartered Chief Accountant – Slovakian unit

My career began 5 years ago when I got an opportunity at the office as a fresh graduate. Thanks to my dynamic professional development, today I am responsible for coordinating the bookkeeping tasks of the Slovak companies. My strengths are Slovakian VAT and corporate income tax.

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